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Prof. Andrej Bogdanov

Prof. Chandra Nair

Prof. Zhang Shengyu

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Prof. Andrej Bogdanov

Prof. Chandra Nair

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Problem Solving Session

Problem Solving Session

Closing Dinner
Title: Can you hear the shape of a function?
Speaker: Prof. Andrej Bogdanov

Abstract:The Fourier transform is an indispensable tool in many areas of information science and engineering. In these lectures you will learn what it is and explore some of its surprising appearances in questions about computation, randomness, probability, and information. You will also see some stupid, fast, and faster algorithms for calculating it.

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Title: Application of Fourier Analysis in Communication and Probability.
Speaker: Prof. Chandra Nair

Abstract: This talk will cover two application areas of Fourier Analysis - one is communication theory and the other is probability theory. In particular we will use Fourier analysis to derive an uncertainty principle for Fourier Transforms. In the second part of the lecture, we will see the use of Fourier methods in proving then Central Limit Theorem.

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Title: Fast algorithms for Fourier transform
Speaker: Prof. Shengyu Zhang
Abstract: Fourier transform has a wide range of applications, and here we introduce fast algorithms for computing Fourier transforms.